Alessandro Carocci

It all began in 2006 when Alessandro Carocci began teaching himself how to juggle. Then with a year of professional circus training at Scuola Romana di Circo he transitioned onto Clowning under the guidance of professors Eric de Bont, Jango Edwards and Johnny Melville. Simultaneously he received a degree at the University of Sapienza, in Rome, specializing in the Art and Science of Theatre.

To the streets he went with his first ever solo show ‘Douce Ambiance’, and over the course of three years Alessandro toured Italy, France, Switzerland and Belgium performing and honing his craft.

From 2013 to 20015 Alessandro attended the prestigious l’Ecole International de Théàtre Lassaâd in Belgium, a school based on the pedagogue of Jacques Lecoq (theatre of movement, mask, clown and bouffon). Directly after Lassaâd he continued his training in clown with Antòn Valèn and Peter Weyel.

Launching himself into a multitude of projects: a duo titled ‘The Demented Brothers’ (clown-magic with comedian Simon Herlin), ‘Allegro, ma non Troppo’ (a project with La Cavalcade and Clown and Musicians sans Frontière, ‘Happiness Machine’ (directing for company Collectif TeatroVan), and creating the company Peppertrio; a clownesque, musical and circus inspired trio.

In March 2016 Alessandro began creating ‘Chantier Domino’ his latest street theatre solo.