Chantier Domino




Pavée d'or festival "Les Tailleurs" 2017


2nd best street show 

Gentse Festeen 2016

A quirky street farse 


In Chantier Domino, a workman brings to life the tools he uses in his daily routine in order to create a utopian world in which he has fun whilst working. 

He is not just any workman. He has been secretly elaborating a project for a long time and his aim is now to disclose it to the world. It is going to be some achievement! He has been rehearsing all his life. He is going to build in front of the audience a peculiar Goldberg machine. But what is a Goldberg machine? A strange construction that executes a very simple task in a deliberately complex manner, usually thanks to a chain reaction. 

Welcome to Chantier Domino! Get ready! That Goldberg machine is going to lead you to a feat. But will the workman manage to catch the object flung by that very bizarre machine?